13 Best Sectionals for Small Spaces, According to Reviews & Tests

That means you literally have your pick of upholstery without those dramatically extended lead times for made-to-order sofas. Sometimes, though, you won’t be able to fit a bigger sectional until you have more room. Deeper seat cushions can make your sofa feel larger when you’re lounging.
Whether you’re moving into a new home or want to do more with your existing living room, consider The RoomPlace’s vast array of sectionals. On the other hand, Richter reminds buyers to keep in mind that you don’t always have to try to make a space look bigger. “Sometimes futon san diego want to lean into the feeling that a room is small and cozy,” she says. There are a few important aspects to mull over when shopping for a sectional for small spaces.
Some companies are introducing buy-back or trade-in programs, or redesigning their furniture so it can be disassembled and its components repurposed. But no matter how smartly designed or “sustainably” certified a sofa is, the lowest-impact sofa will be the one that you like enough—and that lasts long enough—to keep using for years. Claims like “natural,” “upcycled,” “sustainable,” “locally sourced,” and “climate pledge” may be meaningless, since they are not always regulated or verified by an independent party.
A measure of a fabric’s durability, rub count is tested by a machine (video) that rubs back and forth over the fabric until the material wears down. Consider 50,000 count as standard, 80,000 as premium, and 100,000 as high-performance. But if you have a large family or pets, we’d recommend leaning toward 50,000 because the amount of friction across the fabric surface will add up.
Like chenille, velvet might not be everyone’s cup of matcha, but we love the one-of-a-kind aesthetic of this model, especially in jewel-tone green. It makes for a compact, yet surprisingly statement-worthy design that’s guaranteed to add a pop of flash to your living room, home office, or den. When it comes to affordable furniture, Wayfair always delivers (literally).
Sectional sofas typically offer clear dimensions, and it’s important to measure out the space where you plan to place your couch in advance to ensure it will fit. Make sure to leave around 18 inches of space on either side for traffic flow, per Scheck. There are a few important elements to consider when choosing a sectional for a small space. Getting the sizing right is crucial—as well as the size of the area you’ll need to navigate to get your sectional in place. Beyond that, you’ll want to consider materials, upholstery, style and, of course, your budget.
“A good rule of thumb is to have 18 inches on either side of your sofa and to ensure there are clear pathways to walk around the room,” says Channa Alvarez. The armless design is great for small spaces, as it helps keep the airiness of a space alive and well. We’re partial to the fluffy seat cushions, which are removable for easy cleaning. Find a modular sectional with a chaise longue for the most versatility—when you move, you’ll be able to grow your sectional or split it up, depending on your space. This modular leather sectional has major comfy vibes, with big armrests to hug whoever is sitting on it.
It easily comes apart if you need to transport it to a new room (or house), and can increase in size with other add-ons in the Nomad collection if you happen to move to a bigger space down the road. Customize your seating with with fabric, leather or velvet upholstery options, six leg finishes and three armrest heights. There’s even a built-in USB charger to fire up your phone while you relax. Given their large presence, it’s easy to assume you can’t fit a sectional sofa in a small room—but design experts argue otherwise. The best sectionals for small spaces allow you to maximize your room size while providing plenty of seating for you and your guests.