41 High School Sports Fundraisers that Really Work

Set your class up for financial success by setting a ticket price, or strongly suggested donation. Source an appropriate snowy/icy location that can accommodate as many participants as possible. This winter fundraiser is best organized outside, but if it doesn’t snow or get cold enough where you live, you can organize it indoors. You could also raffle off a few baskets with bigger ticket items.
Of course, this will require mobilizing enthusiastic volunteers willing to donate their time to your cause. Advertise your Holiday Elves services offline and online and, as usual, make it clear what you’re fundraising for. The shoppers could also be offered an opportunity to buy a bag of groceries for someone in need. Otherwise, the checkers should have a plate/code that they can scan and add the cost of one meal (or whatever else works for your nonprofit) to the donor’s receipt. This is also a fundraising event that can generate a lot of buzz. As word of mouth spreads around, you’ll have applications pouring in.
First, browse company websites such as Rode Island Novelty to find bulk carnival prizes that everyone will love at a low cost. Then, maximize profits by charging admission tickets and charges per activity. What better way to get the students involved in the school fundraiser than a cook-off?
You eagerly scratch away at your cards, hoping to see some big winnings. You can bring this same excitement to your fundraising efforts by having your middle school students distribute scratch-off cards. Charge students a few dollars (maybe $1 or $2) to wear pajamas to school for a full day. You can amp up the fun by serving breakfast for lunch in the cafeteria or putting on a movie in the classroom. Get your students pumped for the fundraiser by offering a prize to the class with the highest participation rate. PTO/As raise funds to assist schools with expenses that may not be covered by government funding.
How many people you know work at places like I’m describing? We have a Chocolate Fundraiser Profit Calculator that easily does this for you. Students shouldn’t have to wait until high school to enjoy a school dance! Decorate non profit fundraising , open up an online and in-person ticketing station for your event, and let your students and their families let loose and dance the night away with friends. This fundraiser has the added benefit of being highly merchandisable.
Some online donation processors have text-to-give functionality built-in. It is advisable to look for a repeat donation feature while choosing a platform with text-to-give enabled. It will help you collect more donations by letting your donors easily repeat their last donations just by sending a small keyword to the same number. Organizations that want a variety of fundraising tools and don’t mind a monthly fee or contract.
Get your elementary students and their parents and siblings excited about your school’s fundraising efforts by hosting a movie night. Choose a family-friendly movie and charge a small entrance fee. You can make additional money by selling treats like popcorn, movie candy, and soda. Online shopping fundraisers are incredibly easy to execute and generally have low or no upfront investment needs, which means ROI for these fundraisers is high. An online shopping fundraiser works by directing a percentage of the revenue from almost every item a supporter purchases to your school. Since marathons can take months to plan, this fundraising idea is best for larger organizations with a budget and team to help run the event.