Best Credit Card Processors for Nonprofits

This platform focusing on crowdfunding and executing marketing campaigns for it. It has an excellent shopping cart for selling t-shirts, as well as many other useful features, including a dedicated fundraising component. It’s used to promote concerts, charities, marathons, sporting events and even art auctions. It’s used in business as a way to generate brand awareness as well. Organizations like Union Station have created a t-shirt campaign online and seen massive success. Achieving your end goal for a project or cause is often dependent on developing strong financial backing.
Show off your students’ talents with an event the community can buy tickets to. Whether it’s an art exhibit, music recital, or theatre performance, set up a booth where people can buy tickets in the weeks leading up to the event. The night of, don’t forget a concessions stand and a place to buy merchandise before, after, and during intermission. Put the event planning in your kiddos’ hands for a fun, family-friendly movie night.
Encourage a little friendly competition with a Battle of the Sexes fundraising campaign. Start by partnering with a local sip and paint store that’s willing to give a percentage of the proceeds to your cause or secure a location to create it yourself. If you’re creating it yourself, ask a local artist or volunteer to teach the class. Allow supporters to explore their creative sides with a BYOB paint and sip class. Select a date, publicize your event, and watch as your guest list builds up. Before the event, you can purchase bingo supplies from a party store, but to get the most bang for your buck, make your own.
Do you know that a large segment of your audience have dogs at home? Consider appealing to their love of pets and their generosity by hosting a dog wash. You can even supplement these funds with dog treats and toy sales. Encourage teams to compete to see who can fundraise the most and add incentives.
It is free to create a project campaign on Kickstarter, but if you successfully get funded, a 5% fee is owed from your collected funds. The American crowdfunding platform, GoFundMe, is one of the most popular websites that help individuals to fundraise for their needs. Creating online fundraising sites on GoFundMe is easy, and the entire fundraising process is relatively easy to do. From medical emergencies of individuals to charity works of non-profits, GoFundMe provides everyone to fundraise on their website.
100% of every donation + 100% of Gift Aid will still go to the charity of your choice, as they don’t deduct the fee from the donation amount. DoJiggy integrates with Stripe for secure payment processing in the UK. Fundable is the best site for fundraising if you’re a business looking to raise capital to start or grow your enterprise. We understand and sympathize with your concern about what “free” means today. We’ve experienced the same “free” service offers with hidden gotchas.
Organizations such as Car Donation Wizard or v-Dac make it easy for your supporters or you to donate unwanted used cars in exchange for a donation. This could be run as an annual event, or could simply be a program that you publicize every so often to remind your donors that it’s a possibility. If you’re a fan of PayPal’s versatile payment solutions but wish it was more developer-friendly, you’ll appreciate PayPal Braintree.
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