How do I mirror my phone to my laptop via USB?

The same thing applies in a live presentation where attendees can’t see your phone screen, and need the projected device screen to see what’s happening. While some of that is not unique, what makes these solutions special is that they don’t need there to be any additional software or hardware involved, at least. That’s because the receiving PC or Mac (we’re going to focus on what we can test) only needs to have Google Chrome installed in order to receive the transmission. However, in screen mirroring feature no live internet is required.
Allowing you to watch movies, view photographs or simply browse the web on a larger screen from the comfort of your couch. Whether it be a desktop or laptop and other devices by third party manufacturers. There is no need to download any additional applications to your iPhone as Apple has integrated the feature directly into your phones operating system. Mirror for Roku is undoubtedly a great option to go for when it comes to screen mirroring apps. It nicely compliments your Roku TV or Roku device. You can download it for free or upgrade to the PRO version for only $2.99 per month or for a lifetime purchase of $8.99.
Apple is a manufacturer that produces some of the best smartphones on the market with some distinct features that only work with the Apple ecosystem. These features can be beneficial for some while others might not. One of the features that everyone hopes Apple devices should have is the option of mirroring iPhone to PC, but it only allows to cast on Apple TV devices.
The third, and final Windows app we’ll look at for AirPlay mirroring is X-Mirage (free to try for six days, purchase license for $16). I like this app’s “Welcome Window,” which shows how to mirror your iOS device’s screen to the PC if you’re unfamiliar with AirPlay. It also has easy-to-find settings that let you do such things like add an extra audio-only AirPlay receiver for sending sound to the PC. I couldn’t get this to work, but it might very well be that it’s a feature that works only once the app is licensed. Does this work if the computer is connected to a different wifi network?
Follow the steps below to share your iPhone screen to the computer with the ApowerMirror application. When you choose your device, a pop-up window asking you to Trust This Computer shows up on your iOS device, tap Trust and you can view your iPhone screen on a PC. Go to your iPhone or iPad and choose the Screen Mirroring option.
Besides, AirPlay LetsView supports a broad range of mirroring protocols that enable you to share the screens of both Android and iOS-based devices. Optionally, you can use the Scan to Connect feature that lets you display an iPhone’s screen on a PC moments after you scan the QR code. At the same time, the PIN connection enables you to connect multiple devices simultaneously to the same computer. If you are looking for a media player that also offers screen mirroring features, then you should consider installing 5KPlayer. You can play 4K, 360-degree, or Full HD videos from your iPhone and watch them on your PC’s screen. Furthermore, 5KPlayer lets you stream audio files so that you can use your computer’s sound system to listen to music from your iPhone without any quality loss.
A third-party solution on Windows allows you to take advantage of a larger display and more powerful speakers to play videos, games, documents, presentations, or music. After completing the above steps, you can share your iPhone screen on your PC, or even across multiple devices. Mirroring is used for a variety of business and entertainment purposes, and it has changed the way we consume media.
It can even mirror the whole screen to make big presentations or just share content onto a larger display. It does not require the installation of the software. It offers you remote and local casting features just by visiting on your PC and having a device with an internet connection. Yes, you can easily mirror your smartphone to your laptop using the Bluetooth connection.
Actually, some applications in the market ask you to connect your device to pc or laptop with a USB Cable to share a screen between your iPhone and pc. So, it depends on the application that you are using to share the screen between two devices. Your iPhone will connect to the AnyTrans software on your computer. Fortunately, there is airplay not working that has it all.